Support and Collaboration Program

CARE Chile UC has a program for support and collaboration of high relevance for the scientific and technological development of biomedicine in Chile.

Universidad de Magallanes                                                                                                                                                    

Convenio CARE_UMAG

Signing of the UC-UMAG alliance. Dr. Ignacio Sánchez, UC Rector; Dr. Andrés Mansilla, UMAG Professor; Dr. Nibaldo Inestrosa, Director CARE Chile UC; and Dr. Juan Oyarzo, UMAG Rector.

Since 2011, researchers at CARE performed various activities at the Universidad de Magallanes (UMAG), with the aim of jointly creating a Center of Excellence in Biomedicine for Magallanes (CEBIMA).

Research at CEBIMA will focus on the identification of active elements of Antarctic and Subantarctic natural resources with effects on aging and cell regeneration, associated with diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease, Hypertension, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, Muscular Fibrosis, Cancer and others. The Center hopes to contribute to the development of drugs with beneficial effects on the health of the general population and, thus, impact the productive sector of the region. Additionally, the training of advanced human capital and the transfer of skills to degree programs such as Medicine and Health Sciences will be strengthened, with benefits to the regional and national population.

Universidad de Antofagasta

Increasing the specialized human capital in biomedicine is key for CARE Chile UC. Between 2008-2010, its researchers taught classes and gave a series of talks to students in the Biological Sciences PhD program of the Universidad de Antofagasta. The course “Biological Models used in Cell Biology and Physiology” was also organized for students from the same PhD program, with the participation of professors and postdoctoral fellows from CARE Chile UC. In order to reinforce and complement the acquired knowledge, CARE Chile UC also promoted the establishment of an internship program for students in the PhD program. All CARE Chile UC laboratories were involved in this program.

Yachay E.P. City of Knowledge

Since 2015, CARE Chile UC has a cooperative agreement with the Public Company Yachay (Ecuador) to generate, transfer and disseminate scientific and technological knowledge contributing to the public health policies. The link between both institutions will enable joint research projects for the study of neurodegenerative and chronic diseases. Moreover, the training and exchange of academics is key for collaborative activities that promote the updating of knowledge.

Science Communication

Chile ranks as one of the top countries in per-capita productivity of scientific articles in Latin America, to which CARE Chile UC significantly contributes generating high-quality scientific research with a global reach. The cooperation of scientists from the biological and medical sciences has generated numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals, including Science and Nature, among others, specializing in neurobiology, hypertension, etc.

Indicators of Scientific Excellence between 2008-2015

  • ISI Publications                                                                                      217
  • Participation in national and international scientific events                    487

At the same time, CARE Chile UC organizes and participates in outreach and extension programs, such as conferences, workshops, and seminars to promote the exchange and updating of knowledge.

Scientific Outreach Activities

Promoting scientific vocations is another priority of the Center. Since the beginning of its activities, CARE Chile UC has participated in several instances to disseminate science in society.

– Education program of the Center for the Study and Development of Talent – Penta UC. Several researchers from CARE Chile UC teach or have taught courses in this program for primary and secondary school students.

– Program “Política en el Torres”, UC TV and Radio UC.

– Program “Citizen Forum” (“Foro Ciudadano”), Universidad de Chile Radio. Monthly interviews about biomedicine with researchers from the Center.

– Production of the video “The embryo code” (“Código del embrión”).

– Scientific talks. Aimed at young students in secondary education from the Instituto Nacional and the Liceo N° 1 Javiera Carrera schools.

– Scientific Outreach Fair UC. A space dedicated to informing on research into cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

– Theoretical-Practical Courses Aimed at Students. In 2014, we created a Winter School of Science in the Magallanes Region of Chile. The first course, “Biology and Physiology of the Brain”, consisted of theoretical and laboratory practical classes about the functioning and diseases of our brain. In this opportunity, students from public and private secondary schools from Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, and Porvenir participated.

– 1000 Scientists-1000 Classrooms EXPLORA-CONICYT Program: Every year, several of our researchers participate in this program giving talks in various public and private schools. In 2014, we participated in Santiago and also gave 7 talks in the Magallanes Region, in the cities of Punta Arenas y Porvenir.

– Series of Lectures: CARE Chile UC researchers give lectures aimed at entrepreneurs, executives, and union leaders on topics such as: increased life expectancy and its impact on the labor market, actions to improve the quality of life of their employees, and public health policies, among others. The talks were held at the National Chamber of Commerce, the Chilean Institute of Rational Business Administration (ICARE), Chile’s Manufacturer’s Association (SOFOFA), Encuentros El Mercurio, the Pan American Health Organization, etc.