Hypertension is a disease that affects 20-30% of the world’s population and is the leading cause of death in adults. This laboratory has warned that our modern diet is rich in sodium and deficitary in potassium and their researchers have contributed to the concept that an adequate amount of dietary potassium can control and prevent hypertension and other chronic renal diseases.The kidney plays a major role in regulating blood pressure as it produces vasoactive hormones that participate in the control of vascular tone and in the excretion of sodium, potassium and water. The Renal Physiology and Pathology Laboratory of Dr. Carlos P. Vio studies the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis, progression, and treatment of renal diseases and diabetes. And the importance of dietary potassium and sodium in hipertensión and chronic renal diseases. They investigate alterations in renal hormones responsible for sodium removal and blood pressure control; and their contribution to renal physiology and diseases such as hypertension, kidney disease and diabetes as they progress naturally and under pharmacological treatment.

Investigator in charge: Carlos Vio