In a public and solemn session, Dr. Carlos Vio Lagos, Deputy director of the Center for Aging and Regeneration of the Catholic University of Chile, CARE Chile UC, was officially made a Corresponding Member of the Chilean Academy of Medicine.

The ceremony was led by the president of the Chilean Academy of Medicine, Dr. Humberto Reyes, and was attended by the Academic Secretary, Dr. Colomba Norero, the treasurer, Dr. Andrés Heerlein, and of Academic Active Member, Dr. Gloria Valdés, in addition to the presence of the rector of the PUC, Ignacio Sánchez, the Dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences of the PUC, Juan Correa, the Director of CARE Chile UC, Dr. Nibaldo Inestrosa, members of medical institutions, collaborators and relatives, who accompanied Dr. Vio in this official reception.

On October 5, 2016, a special session of the prestigious academy approved the incorporation of the outstanding researcher, who is a surgeon, professor of the Faculty of Biological Sciences and researcher and deputy director of CARE Chile UC, for his contribution to the progress of medicine with his discoveries of the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis, progression, and treatment of hypertension, kidney disease, and diabetes.

In acknowledging the decision of the Academy, Dr. Vio expressed with emotion that “Not even in my best dreams did I think I would be here, in the place where my teachers are”.

Meanwhile, the rector of the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, Ignacio Sánchez, said that the incorporation of Dr. Vio to the Academy is “An acknowledgment of his long career, his academic status, and the research he has done.” The highest authority of the UC added that “I believe the work that has been done in hypertension, fundamentally on the subject of potassium, has great relevance and validity in public health today in our country.”

In addition, the Rector Sánchez stressed that in his talk of admission, Dr. Vio “summarized how basic and laboratory research can have an impact on public policies and the health of people.”

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