A lecture about his research on “Hypertension: the kidney under the microscope,” was offered by the deputy director of the Center for Aging and Regeneration of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (CARE Chile UC), Dr. Carlos Vio Lagos, last Thursday, 17th of August, at the Austral University of Chile ( UACh) on the occasion of the inauguration of the Academic Year of the Doctorate Program in Medical Sciences at the Austral University.

The talk was organized by the Graduate School of the School of Medicine at UACh, and was held at 11 am in room 418 of the Biomedical Sciences Building, Isla Teja Campus in Valdivia.

U. Austral homenaje a C. Vio 1Previously, in the presence of the authorities of the School of Medicine, headed by Dean, Dr. Eduardo OrtegaDr. Carlos Vio received a tribute for his inclusion as a Corresponding Member of the Chilean Academy of Medicine. The researcher is a former student and former academic of the Universidad Austral de Chile and is currently a visiting professor in the Doctorate Program in Medical Sciences of the School of Medicine at the UACh.

Also, at 8:00 am on the same day, the deputy director of CARE Chile UC offered a conference on arterial hypertension, in the Auditorium of the Hospital to doctors, residents, and medical students.

In the evening, the academic participated in an Inauguration Dinner of the 2017 Academic Year of the School of Medicine at the UACh, where he was recognized as a former student and former academic of the Universidad Austral and for his recent inclusion as a member of the Chilean Academy of Medicine.

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