A series of talks to the community aimed at older adults and with the goal of sharing scientific knowledge about Alzheimer’s disease is being offered by the Center for Aging and Regeneration of the Catholic University of Chile, CARE Chile UC, in different communities of the Metropolitan Region, especially in those that have consolidated programs for the elderly.

The municipalities of Peñalolén, La Florida, and Lo Barnechea have already benefited from this activity by CARE UC, which aims to convey the prevention and risk factors for Alzheimer’s.

In La Florida

Inestrosa en La FloridaThe director of CARE Chile UC, National Science Award Recipient, Dr. Nibaldo Inestrosa, discussed this disease with neighbors of La Florida, on Monday, June 5 as part of the activities of Club Vive of the Municipality of that community.

On this occasion, Dr. Inestrosa stated that “we are approaching the community in terms of being able to inform you about the basis of Alzheimer’s disease, and also the clinical part. That is why we have not only come, but we have invited Dr. Patricio Fuentes who is a clinical expert in the Alzheimer’s.”

The director of CARE UC reiterated that “we are trying to bring the knowledge of Alzheimer’s to the community,” and stressed that “I found that the public was very interested, with many questions. So, I thought it was a good idea.”

Last May, Dr. Nibaldo Inestrosa, talked about Alzheimer’s disease in the San Luis Civic Center, to residents of Peñalolén.

In Lo Barnechea

Dr.-Fuentes_Lo-BarnecheaOn Wednesday, June 7, a conference was held in the Municipality of Lo Barnechea for older adults of the municipality. On that occasion, Dr. Patricio Fuentes Guglielmetti, Clinical Director of Neuromedicine, stated that “we must insist on the importance of a healthy diet, a Mediterranean diet, with regular physical activity; Exercise is as important as a medicine.”

Fuentes, who is also a neurologist at the Unit for Cognitive Neurology and Dementia, at the Department of Neurology at the Hospital del Salvador and at the Geriatrics Section of the Clinical Hospital of the University of Chile, added that “there is also what is called cognitive stimulation, which is done in a formal way sometimes by a neurosynecologist, an occupational therapist or another type of therapist, or also informally. At home, you can do it by doing brainteasers, puzzles, sudokus or play cards”.

Arte-terapeuta_Lo-BarnecheaAlso participating was the art therapist, Daniela Gloger Betancourt, who expressed that the invitation (to the conference), jointly realized by CARE Chile UC and Neuromedicine, which is a center where they deal with diseases related to loss of memory [and] cognitive degeneration through a program called Creative Memories. She added that in this program an art therapist and an occupational therapist work to address the different areas of the person, from the hardest cognitive to the most emotional.


See activity video in La Florida

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